Ivo Blöchliger's science page

On this page, you will find most of my puplished research papers and related c++ source code (released under the GPL)

Source code

All source code is released under the GPL.
If you have any questions, please contact the author by e-mail: science at bloechligair dot ch


Source code to the article "A graph coloring heuristic using partial solutions and a reactive tabu scheme"
    c++, Linux: reactpartialcol.tar.gz (16.4 kB, gzipped tar archive).

Weighted coloring

Source code to Chapter 4 of my thesis, various algorithms for a version of the weighted coloring problem.
    c++, Linux: weighted-coloring.tar.gz (32.2 kB, gzipped tar archive)


Weighted coloring

Instances used in Chapter 4 my thesis. The file format of the instances is a small extension of the DIMACS standard format to include weights on vertices.
    wcpInstances.tar.gz (3.3MB, gzipped tar archive)

Graph coloring

DIMACS graph coloring instances (webpage)


I. Blöchliger and N. Zufferey.
A graph coloring heuristic using partial solutions and a reactive tabu scheme.
Computers and Operations Research Volume 35 , Issue 3 (March 2008), Pages 960-975

I. Blöchliger.
Suboptimal Colorings and Solution of Large Chromatic Scheduling Problems.
Thèse EPFL, no 3363 (2005). Dir.: D. de Werra.

I. Blöchliger and D. de Werra
Locally Restricted Colorings. Discrete Applied Mathematics 154 (2006), 158-165.

I. Blöchliger.
Color-blind Graphs and Suboptimal Colorings. Electronic Notes in Discrete
Mathematics, 18:37--40, 2004. Extended abstract for the Latin-American
Conference on Combinatorics, Graphs and Applications (LACGA'04),
Santiago, Chile.

I. Blöchliger and D. de Werra.
On Some Properties of Suboptimal Colorings of Graphs.
Networks, 43(2):103--108, 2004.

I. Blöchliger.
Modeling Staff Scheduling Problems: a Tutorial.
European Journal of Operational Research,  158:533--542, 2004.

I. Blöchliger and V. Rezzonico.
Historique de GNU Generation. Flash Informatique, 9:3--4, 2004.

I. Blöchliger, M.U. Gerber, and A. Hertz.
A new Heuristic for the Graph Coloring Problem.
Master's thesis, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL),
Recherche Operationnelle Sud-Est (ROSE), CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland, 2001.

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